ARThyseLF | ARThy-seLF | def. the state or position of being responsibly creative; doing responsibly creative activities; &/or having responsibly creative ideas.

ARThyseLF curates hand-painted explosions of colors, inspiring words, + encouraging imagery on a variety of surfaces to help stimulate creative esteem within everyday people and their lifestyles.  

As a “Lifestyle Artist”, Ebony ‘Queene’ Kirby wants her artistry to remind others about the importance of being self-aware, confident, and responsibly creative.  

She utilizes her very own design concept known as "ARThyGYRL" as a tool to help guide participants when painting their very own self-portraits. 

G.Y.R.L is an acronym that represents "Giving.Your. Reflection.Love." 


"When we utilize our unique design ability as an inspirational tool, we enable positive characteristics for the sake of self & the diverse others which whom we will inevitably interact. ARThyseLF provides gifts of understanding that people are creative reflections of ourselves. Consequently, through self-accountability we are responsible for whom our communities mature to be — responsible leadership + healthy esteem are our only options." ~QUEENE